Commenting Guidelines

Thumbs up or Thumbs down.

I will be putting these comments in order from least helpful to most helpful.
1. I think number 1 is the least helpful because in this comment Penny is using slang words, bad punctuation and her comment is not formal.

7. I think number 7 is not helpful because in this comment they did not use any starting and ending words such as Dear and From and they are not saying anything helpful it is just I love your story.

6. I think number 6 is not helpful because in this comment the person did not say who it is from, they aren't saying anything relevant to what they are supposed to be doing, bad punctuation and they are using slang words.

4. I think number 4 is not helpful because Sally is using bad punctuation such as no capital letters for names, no full stops and some words spelt wrong.

3. I think number 3 is helpful but not as helpful as it could be because I think Hannah could use paragraphs for different topics she is talking about such as she is talking about one thing then she could use a paragraph for where she says has anyone else read the giver?

2. I think number 2 is not necessary for what they are supposed to be talking about because they are talking about things that they could just keep to their self and not have to tell everyone.

8. I think in number 8 Dianne is just saying their opinion and they could go to Paul (the person they are talking to) in person and tell him what they think.

5. I think number 5 is the most helpful because everything Tom is saying makes sense, he has good punctuation, his comment is easy to read and it is detailed.


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