Writing Challenge Using Connectives

Once upon a time far away at the end of the forest lived a family in a small cabin next to the lake. The cabin was cosy and small but the family still enjoyed it. It had been snowing a lot throughout the night. The children straightaway woke up and put on their warm clothes. Despite how cold the snow was the children loved it, they made snowmen then ran inside to their warm cabin to see that their parents had made hot chocolates for everyone! While the hot chocolates cooled down the children went outside to play again. ThenΒ the whole family decided to watch a movie with more hot chocolate and warm blankets. Afterwards, the children went back to play in the snow. It was getting late so the kids went to bed. The end.

Commenting Guidelines

Thumbs up or Thumbs down.

I will be putting these comments in order from least helpful to most helpful.
1. I think number 1 is the least helpful because in this comment Penny is using slang words, bad punctuation and her comment is not formal.

7. I think number 7 is not helpful because in this comment they did not use any starting and ending words such as Dear and From and they are not saying anything helpful it is just I love your story.

6. I think number 6 is not helpful because in this comment the person did not say who it is from, they aren't saying anything relevant to what they are supposed to be doing, bad punctuation and they are using slang words.

4. I think number 4 is not helpful because Sally is using bad punctuation such as no capital letters for names, no full stops and some words spelt wrong.

3. I think number 3 is helpful but not as helpful as it could be because I think Hannah could use paragraphs for different topics she is talking about such as she is talking about one thing then she could use a paragraph for where she says has anyone else read the giver?

2. I think number 2 is not necessary for what they are supposed to be talking about because they are talking about things that they could just keep to their self and not have to tell everyone.

8. I think in number 8 Dianne is just saying their opinion and they could go to Paul (the person they are talking to) in person and tell him what they think.

5. I think number 5 is the most helpful because everything Tom is saying makes sense, he has good punctuation, his comment is easy to read and it is detailed.



Hello, my name is Grace and I’m 11 years old.

Im in year 6 and I like playing netball.

I love spending time with my friends and my favourite food is ice cream and burgers.

My favourite colours are pink and blue.

I want to bring colour and fun to my blog.


Country of Focus – China

This is the Chinese flag:

China is on the continent of Asia.

The capital city of China is Beijing.

The population of China is 1,444,216,107 people.

302 different languages are spoken but the most common language is Standard Chinese. The main language spoken is Mandarin.

Renminbi is the Chinese currency.

The relationship between China and Australia is named the ‘comprehensive strategic partnership”

China is the 3rd largest country with 9,706,961 sq.

3 countries that share borders with China is Mongolia which is to the north, Vietnam which is to the south and Myanmar is to the south of China.